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User friendly 1-5 : 5

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Excellent course on how to set up an autoresponder

Cons :

It can take some time to set up the first time, but is well worth the effort

Owner : Rob Gehring

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7 Steps To Success!

This is the first thing that you see when you get to this site. Rob has laid out a very comprehensive course on how to set up and use an autoresponder. When I went through the course I found it very easy to follow to set up his system.

He has even provided a tool to create very attractive splash pages.

In this “7 Steps To Success” course you will learn the following:

1. Getting oriented with the site. First you will need to enter your social profile information. This is where Rob explains his Massive Marketing System. He goes over in detail how the system for success actually works. From there you can go to his Blog to learn even more about it.

2. Setting up the autoresponder. In this step you will decide on the autoresponder you are going to use. There are some great choices for you to choose from, however if you already have one you will be able to use your own. The top choice will be the one your up line recommends. My personal favorite is “All In One Profits” (AIOP) because for $10 you will get all the professional features and tools that other companies often charge twice as much for. I think the compensation plan for this particular autoresponder is much easier to use and more profitable.

3. Branding. Next you will learn about branding and how important it is to your overall business. You will need to select a current photo of yourself and create a logo. I highly recommend finding a good picture because It is very important for people to recognize you and begin to develop trust in your products. They will start relating the picture and logo to the products you are trying to sell.

4. The Lead Capture Page. Finally, we can now get to the fun part. You get to design your first lead capture page. Do not worry because it is all laid out very clearly on how to create this landing page including how to use the advertisement autoresponder code. You can also make a Thank You page here.

5. Setting up the Downline Builder. This is another very important part of the process. As you start bringing in sign ups they hopefully will see the programs in the DB and join from there. This is where you will learn how to use the Trackers and Rotators that are provided for free. It is important to use these tools because that is how you know if your advertising is effective. There is nothing worse than throwing money and time away on sites that do not bring you leads and sign ups.

6. Using Safelists and putting mails in the autoresponder. Here you get an overview of how and where to advertise for this site. Referral Frenzy and Viral Mail Profits are recommended. I have found both of these sites invaluable because you can send out emails to hundreds of sites at once. I would definitely take advantage of these sites and you will save lots of time running your campaigns. Rob even provides emails you can copy into the autoresponder. This is a great place to start. It is good to customize these messages to your liking and personal preferences so they are unique to your business.

7. Completion of the steps. Once you have completed all the steps above you can start promoting your sites. At this point you can get personal coaching from Rob and he also invites you to some of his top programs which I recommend you check out.

Rob has the experience and leadership skills that make him an excellent mentor. I have learned a lot about online marketing by working with him.

Right now you can take it one step further and join Rob’s Massive Marketing Success team and get personal mentoring from Rob. You will be able to access this by upgrading. I think it is wise to take him up on his offer because his mentoring is invaluable. When you sign up you will get an opportunity to see his offers.

Using the Mailer

You get 1000 credits a month when you sign up at no cost. This membership level works very well because of the responsive members at this site. When you upgrade you will be able to get 10,000 credits a month and you will also be able to add your own programs into the Downline Builder. Make sure to join us at Skype so that you can get support from other members serious about making money.

Upgrading includes all of these extra features

  • Daily Credit Refills. 10000 Credits a day equals 70000 credits a week equals 300000 credits a month equals a whopping 3.6 Million Credits a Year! You can mail every 6 hours.
  • Free Upgrades at MMS/TL2L Partner Sites. That’s HUGE! These sites are indicated by a * in the TL2IVM Downline Builder.
  • Rotation of your TL2L Referral URL at That means FREE sign ups at Trafficleads2incomeVM (Members for your down line!)
  • And of course MMS!



This is a great safelist mailer I have found, and learning how to set up and use the autoresponder is an invaluable part especially if you are new at this business. I cannot stress how important it is to build your own list. This site is packed with useful tools and resources that can help you succeed in the online marketing business. Rob also hosts many awesome webinars that I have found very useful. So in conclusion if you want an excellent safe list where members respond to your emails.

Numerous tools and resources are available for you to start using today!

Please use this link to sign up >>>>>> Traffic Leads To Income VM <<<<<<

I have found this site to be Worth My While

Tom R


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