How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

It works very well.

In fact it is probably one of the best platforms that you can find for learning how to run an internet business

Name :                        Wealthy Affiliate 


User friendly 1-5:       5

Pros :                           See the list below, there are so many

Cons:                           They don’t have an autoresponder   

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Watch the video for a guide to what you should expect.

1. Very Secure WordPress sites

Wealthy Affiliate makes sure that your sites are very secure due to the fact they manage their own servers so they can be right on top of any issues that might come up. One example of the company having complete integrity and responsibility came to the fore front recently when over 100,000 sites were attacked. Wealthy Affiliate was immediately right on top of it. They made it a priority to resolve the issues as soon as they possibly could while protecting all the members sites from ultimate damage.

You can bring your own domain name that you want or you can buy a domain for a very reasonable price from WA. One of the cool things you can also do is get a free site using the extension, so the name of your site would be “” you can get this site at no cost whatsoever with your sign up

There are many themes to choose from, including plugins for every need you may have for your site. One of the many plugins that you can use are Store Fronts using different payment processors so that you can actually sell your merchandise online.

There are also several plugins for tracking, making landing pages and much more. Compared to other platforms Word Press sites at WA are very easy to create. You will have a site up and running very quickly. The great thing about making your own site is you have control over all the text, photos, fonts, colors and the ability to build something unique with help every step of the way.


2. Training Programs second to none

Another very helpful benefit is the two full certification courses offered free of charge. Taking these courses will answer a lot of basic questions and get you familiar with how things work.

The first certification course focuses on how to start a website for any type of service or product. It literally teaches you from the ground up things like how to build your site and how to decide on the product or service you would like to promote, if you are undecided this can be very helpful. With hundreds of niches out there you can find easily find a money maker if you take the time to do some research.

Simply pick one that appeals to you on some level and go for it. This course aids you in getting your site built as well as getting you on tract with all the ins and outs of the marketing world. It is well worth the time to get this invaluable information as it gives you an advantage over those who do not.

The second course, Affiliate Bootcamp, focuses primarily on becoming a Wealthy Affiliate representative. In this course you also get instruction from the ground up on how to build your website. In addition, they also offer strategies to teach you how to promote your business. They will walk you through the process of getting your site ranked in google search and it is a lot easier than you might think if you just follow the program These two courses are very thorough.

Look for the sidebar that you see below after you sign in and click on Certification to begin this powerful course.

You can start as a free member which includes getting the first level of certification without incurring any further costs. At this level you will learn how to create both your website and blog. There is a lot to learn just in this course alone. All the tools you need to start are supplied here for you. All you need to do is show up and do the work.

3. Community

The community here is large and there are thousands of people on this site constantly so you can get support on any topic at just about any time. There is a ranking system so you can know who the leaders and shakers are. They are very helpful because helping other members is an important part of the system at Wealthy Affiliate. One of the features I like is that when you can ask a question it gets posted in the member area until someone answers which usually doesn’t take very long to get a response

There are also many courses that have been developed by members on just about every topic. Several courses and tutorials made by members are available as well. There are literally hundreds of courses and tutorials you can choose from on numerous topics.

Members are rewarded for making courses so there is a great incentive to support and motivate others.

4. Compensation and other benefits

You can sign up at no cost to you and get a free siterubix site. You will also be able to go through the entire first course which is very valuable by itself. After that you will be able to sign up for a trial premium membership at the low cost of $19 for the first month. if you see all the advantages of having this premium service then you will be billed $49 a month unless you cancel.

For each person that signs up under you and upgrades you will make $23.50 a month. So as you can clearly see, you only need to get two sign ups and your membership is practically paid for.

Here are some other very good reasons why you might want to join as a premium member.

  • You can host up to 25 sites you own and you can host up to 25 free sites. With the cost of hosting these days this becomes more important as the number of your websites increase. This is a real value built into the cost of being premium member.
  • Manage all of your email inboxes for your websites. You can have your own custom email address that looks like this “”. This is a nice feature because it makes you look a lot more professional when you have your own Email address
  • You will have access to one of the best Keyword tools there is. Jaaxy. This is a premier tool for finding keywords that get you ranked in sites like google search. This is a very professional tool and the entry membership is $19 a month. The price is also built into the WA premium membership
  • Buy your domains directly from Wealthy Affiliate now at very reasonable prices. This makes the whole process of buying a name and setting it up as a website very easy.
  • Site Content. This is a very helpful tool provided allowing you to write your own personal content for your site. Plus you get access to thousands of free images for your web pages or add your own.
  • Site Comments and feedback. Another very nice feature is being able to get comments for your pages and posts you publish. Also, you can get awesome feedback from other members on your site pages and posts to help you improve your skills at writing and setting up pages and posts.


There are many reasons why I think you should join Wealthy Affiliate University. Some of my biggest reasons for being a member for over six years now are :

  • Excellent WordPress tool for my websites
  • Secure hosting for all of my sites and the cost savings I get by not having other or various hosting services
  • A very knowledgeable community. I have gotten support many times when I have felt stuck.
  • The excellent Keyword tool Jaaxy. This tool alone is worth it’s weight in gold as it allows you to find all the top keywords for writing good articles that will then in turn get you ranked higher in Google searches.
  • The invaluable courses. I am always taking courses and webinars to learn new information and develop better skills That is why it is called Wealthy Affiliate University, it is like an online school to learn these techniques. There is so much information available they have taken the time to address just about every single question or concern you may encounter.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is the leader in training people on how to start and operate their own business online. You may be new or just need more information for your existing business, either way you will benefit tremendously

Please use the link below to sign up under me and I will support you in creating your business every step of the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article

Tom Radcliff

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