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All the sites listed have been tested for performance


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(Tested And Proven)

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Now which downline builders are the best?

There are numerous downline builders out there so can be hard to tell which ones are the best.

I have tried a lot of them and one stands out that I would like to talk about

One of the big things that I want from a downline builder sytsem is to be able to use all of the sites that are promoted.

The problem I have had with many DB’s is that I do not want to use the high ticket item that they want to promote. Often times it is an expensive product that they want to promote.

TAP is different because the top ticket items are low cost and effective.  I have also found that it is pretty easy to get sign ups here.

One of the sites that TAP promotes is

Leased ad space  (LAS).

LAS has proven to me to be an excellent place to promote your ads.

For a one time fee of $7 you will get an ad for life.

The program is profitable to promote because of the affiliate structure.  This a great place to start because it is a one time payment


Another top performing site they promote is

All In One Profits (AIOP)

What is All In One Profits?

This is an awesome program mainly for the auto-responder.  This is why I love it!

It is only $10 for the basic membership and they provide all of the tools you need.

They have many other tools such as trackers and rotaters that are also valuable.  You even get to host one site for the low cost membership fee.

I use this site extensively and have found it very valuable.  Once you understand how the affiliate program works you will be even more exited about promoting this site.

Look for my upcoming All In One Profit Review

Another very worthy mention is Referral Frenzy.

This is among some of the best tools that I use quite frequently to help increase my mailings.  I am able to send out emails to over 100 sites using Referral Frenzy

Now we can get to the best Safelists!

All of the safelists that are listed on this site are excellent for getting sign ups.

You can see the proof at TAP.

A couple that I want to mention are

1.  Best list mailer

2.  Easy traffic boost

These have been proven to be two of the highest converting sites on TAP.

You can see all of them at the TAP website.

One other thing I love is I can add my own top performing programs.

The top program I promote is

Wealthy Affiliate

Using Wealthy Affiliate along with AIOP and Tap has proven to be very effective in my over all marketing strategy.

This is the best free downline builder out there. It even out performs most ones that can charge costly fees.

So as you can see TAP is Tested and Proven and is a site worth my while.

Tom R


Tested and Proven


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Tested and Proven

  1. Hey Alente,

    I never heard about Tap and Proven before I come across your review.

    Do you mean that a TAP is a DownLine Builder Site and they promote other sites like Leased Ad Space, All in One profit and Referral Fenzy? Are they MLM?

    Nevertheless, I will be checking out their sites soon if their service I can use of.


    1. Thanks Shui

      TAP stands for Tested and Proven, it is an acronym. And yes it is a powerful Downline Builder for those sites and many more. None of them are MLM. They are all advertising resources and tools



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