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After you buy a Diamond position for the low cost $4.90 you will have a valuable advertisement for life. This package includes a very nice forced matrix compensation plan that has been designed to help you earn residual income, as well as the potential to earn an upgraded position by clicking on ads.


 They have a mailer cue. This means your mail is not sent right away.  It can take up to a month however it has been my experience that it usually takes about a week for me to be able to send out a mailing.

Please use the link below to join under me


PIFexplosion Works

I have been using PIF explosion for a while now and get regular sign ups for my programs. I like this site because even though I have to wait a little while for my messages to go out I still get very good response.

You can earn Money that You can use ONLY to purchase Advertising or get a Free Matrix Position by clicking on links at PIFexplosion:

  • 1. Browsing Solo Ads
  • 2. Browsing Banner Ads
  • 3. Browsing Traffic Links

You even earn money by clicking on Banners and every day that You or Your referrals login to the members area you earn cash as you can see below


Membership Free Gold Diamond
Membership Lifespan
3 Months
Monthly Solo Ads
Monthly Traffic Links 
Monthly Banner Impressions
Promote PIFexplosion
Give Away Unlimited Gold Membership
Matrix Position Access
Free Matrix Position Earning System*
Daily Login
Solo Ad Visits 
Up To $0.0025
Up To $0.005
Up To $0.01
Traffic Links Ad Visits
Banner Ad Visits
Active Referrals Bonus 
Up to $1.00
Up to $1.00
Up to $2.00
Lifetime Cost Free $4.90

*Free Matrix Position Earning System Commissions can only be used to purchase Matrix Positions and Advertising 

As A Gold member

When you first sign up. at no cost, you become a Gold member.  You must be invited tp join by a Diamond member. This is a trial membership that lasts for three months.

With this level you get one solo ad a month to send out. Plus 10,000 banner impressions for your banners and 2 traffic links which other members earn cash by clicking on the links.

At this level you won’t be able to promote PIFexplosion or give away Gold Membership, but the ad you get will show you how effective the advertising is here.

After three months your account will revert to a free member unless you upgrade to Diamond for $4.90.

As a Diamond Member

When you upgrade to the Diamond Membership for a one time fee of $4.90 you will get two solo ads a month for life plus you get 20,000 banner impressions a month as well.

This by itself makes this a very inexpensive ad that you own for life. You can also get more solo ads by buying a new position as I will explain later in this article

As I said before I get sign ups every month for my programs that I advertise here.

You will also be able to give away unlimited Gold memberships so people can try out PIFexplosion and you get access to the Matrix which I will go into detail next

There are four types of ads that you can get at PIFexplosion as a Diamond member, they are

1. Solo Ads

2. Banner Ads

3. Featured Ads

4. Traffic Links

The featured ads are very good due to the fact they get sent out immediately but they will cost a little extra.

Another very cool feature is the PIF’s (pay it forward). You can give away Diamond memberships to help your downline.

All you do is buy a PIF and give it away . It is that simple all they need to do is redeem a code that you send to them.

The best part -The Matrix pay plan

This is a forced matrix based on having three sign ups. Every sign up after your first 3 gets placed into your down line.

That means if you get a new referral they go to one of your down line positions and you will automatically make a $2.50 fast cash bonus for everyone who upgrades to Diamond.

In addition you will earn the residuals listed below

Here is how it breaks down for getting commissions


Level Commission Referrals Comm. on Filled Level

$1,089,463.50  Grand Total !

...Add a fast start Bonus of $2.50 for every new Direct Diamond member recruited! 

Although you can’t have more than one PIFexplosion account, you may have more than one matrix position.

We do allow you to create multiple positions. Many members have found it “interesting”
to create their “Top of the Matrix” filled with their own positions.   

If you can see the potential of our system, you can fill your first level with another 3 positions of yours


                      / | \

  (YOU01) (YOU02) (YOU03)

By doing so you would have invested $19.60 and
created 4 POSITIONS. (You would have already received $9.75 on
your first position!)
Then, by promoting
your FIRST position
, You will get a DOUBLE commission

because there are always TWO accounts of yours above those referrals.

Set your TARGET to fill the 9 positions below your 3 new accounts in your first two weeks and do your best to achieve it!!

With that structure, whenever a person joins in your down line you will always get DOUBLE commissions.


This is a great inexpensive ad to purchase both for the beginner and experienced marketer.  It is well worth the price of $4.90.and every position that you buy under yourself will give you new solo ads that you can send every month. I find this site very effective and worth my while.

There are not many advertising sites out there that can give you this much bang for your buck so sign up using the link below


PIF explosion


6 thoughts on “PIFexplosion Review

  1. This is a very interesting concept! I think that the forced matrix structure is well suited for the opportunity and the price point looks great too. One question, if a Gold Membership is given away..does that lock the person in that position in the matrix or does that occur when they become a paid member?

    1. Hi Sherman

      Thanks for the great question.  

      The gold membership is a trial membership that lasts for 3 months after which you would need to upgrade to Diamond for a one time lifetime payment of $4.90 this is when you are put in the matrix. With this upgrade you get two Solo ads a month plus 20,000 credits for banners. I promote this site mainly because I get good results with my advertisements So I can honestly recommend it as a site worth my while.

      $4.90 for a lifetime advertisement that works and delivers results is a pretty good deal I think

      Hope this answers your question


      Tom R

    1. Thanks Jerry.
      I have come to enjoy this Site because even if I never get a sign up for them (I have Gotten A few)
      the Ads that I place bring me signups to other offers.
      All for one lifetime price

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