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Traffic Leads 2 Income VM Review — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Tom, I really enjoyed reading your review. I loved that you went so much into the details because I’m hardly
    learning sometimes 😉 but with that explanation even I was able to get it. But I have a question what do you think about mail chimp? because it is free for the first 1000 subscribers in your mailing list.

    • Hello Aaron ,

      That is a great question. .

      I actually think Mail Chimp is a great program , I have used it before. There are Pros and Cons to both. 

      They both work well but I find the autorespnder a little easier to use at All In One Profits.

      Yes you can use Mail Chimp for free until you reach 1000 after that the price keeps going up depending on how many subscribers you have . And that is good if your on a really tight budget. 

      Another pro of Mail Chimp is that you can use it as a single optin form. Which I like and AIOP does not have that

      At AIOP you get unlimited emails with the basic membership basic membership for $10 a month.  

      If that was the only thing to compare then Mail chimp would probably win.

      With Aiop you get added value because you get 

      1.Free hosting for one site. 

      to use this feature you will have to own a domain of your own. This can cost another $5 to $20 or more for your own hosting

      2. Tracking tools and Rotators.

      This would normally cost you about $10 to $20 or more for a good service. Most free services have their brand on the ad.

      3. An excellent Splash Page builder.

      This can cost another $10 or $20 for an unbranded Splash page builder, Most have company brands on them when you use the free service.

       4. A downline Builder 

      If you want to be an affiliate you can get sign ups. There are great companies listed in this DB.

      All that being said I think Mail chimp can be good if you don’t need a website or any of the other tools that AIOP provides but as you grow that cost will grow also.

      I think AIOP adds more value in the long run because of all the tools you get, especially if you are new to internet Marketing. Its also good if you want to consolidate your business expenses

      If you you use Mail Chimp which is a great tool,  you will still need all the other things I talked about

      and that will add up to much more money than AIOP costs..

      I hope I have clarified things a little bit

      Thanks again for the great question.


  2. Hey Alente,

    Glad that l landed on your review as I never heard Traffic Leads Income VM.

    I have thinking to use Email Marketing to promote my webpage but there is some information I need clarification before I join them.

    1. It’s free to join, any up selling?
    2. You mentioned that I need to get an autoresponser that $10. Is it one time fee.
    3. The credit earned can be converted to cash or not.
    4. It is necessary that I have a email list on hand first.

    Thank you

    • Hi 

      I appreciate your question 

      I will try to answer as clearly as possible

      1) Free to join, but yes, there is upselling to various levels where you get more advertising and more advantages with the list building training/system.  There are different types of upgrades depending on which way you want to go with your business. The Owner gives you different options depending on your business needs.

      2)  I have AR recommendations in the downline builder in the resource area or you can bring your own. My reccomendation cost $10 a month. check out my link here for more info on my recommended program. https://sitesworthmywhile.com/aiop

      3) Credits do not convert to cash

      4) No you do not need a pre existing list, but you will need an autoresponder if you plan on going through the 7 Steps of Training.

      This training is to teach you how to have and use an AR.

      I recommend this program because there is great value at all the levels even if the only thing you ever did was just used the mailer

      Thank you


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